How Others Describe Me

Those that don’t know me well might describe me as quiet and reserved, even kind. Those that do know me well would call me kind-hearted, driven, responsible, a little opinionated, and say I have a passion for helping others. My mom always said I brought home “strays” from school because I would make friends with those who seemed lost and had a bad home life. I’ve also been called creative because I knit, am decent at cooking, occasionally play the piano, and used to write. I don’t design most of what I knit, I follow a lot of recipes, and I have never played an original melody, so I don’t think of these things as creative. I would, however, agree that my writing is creative (when I do it). My coworkers would also describe me as creative, driven, passionate, kind, and capable. When it comes to my job, teaching, I am definitely all of those things. My students would probably not describe me as organized, which I am, but they would describe me as smart, kind, and helpful.

It’s interesting how your own description changes based on the setting, and yet at the core you’re still the same. It’s just that some pieces of you shine better in certain areas. My creativity shines best at work when I choose how to set up my classroom, structure my lectures, incorporate community building, create lessons, and ultimately run my class. My drive and passion also shine best at work. My responsibility shines at home (on good days) and in my financial situation, which not everyone gets to see. My kindness comes out in everything, which is why I think even someone who barely knows me at all would have that as part of their description.

So tell me, how do you think other people would describe you if asked?