About This Blog

This is a record of my journey as I work to better my career, relationships, physical health, mental health, and personal life in general. I have conquered depression, mastered my relationship, and overcome so many obstacles….sort of. I still get sad sometimes and I still learn new things about my relationship. I still find obstacles to overcome. But I keep pushing and keep trying and keep learning. My feelings are not unique – everyone gets depressed, stressed, scared, and confused. Everyone struggles to figure out their “purpose” and what they want to do with their life. Everyone strives for a healthy relationship and wishes for a healthier self.

This blog actually has 2 purposes. One is to help others see at least one of the paths they can take to better their career, community, education, relationship, or self. My hope is that I can inspire others to be better. My wish is that others offer their input on my posts so I can gain new insights and gain different perspectives.

The second purpose is to help me think through things. One of my top 5 strengths is Intellection, which means I’m a deep thinker. Writing (typing) out my thoughts like this helps me reflect on them and deepen them further. Most of my posts get re-read and edited more than once as I play with an idea and think it through more and more.

My posts may seem all over the place, but really they are all about life. Some days I’m excited about a new recipe I tried and want to share with you. Some days I’ll have a random epiphany or “ah-ha moment” that I wish to write down. Lately, I’ve been very focused on job-related subjects, so I have been doing more research and typing up with I learn and work through so I can go back and read them later, but also provide those interested in teaching some ideas and resources. My hope is that I can get feedback from concerned community members, parents, and other teachers on what I’m doing in the classroom.

I recently narrowed down my posts into 8 main categories. Below are those categories and their descriptions.
Education – Teaching is a big part of my life. It is a newish career for me that I am still enjoying after 4 years. I am very passionate about teaching and education in general and it has been a very fulfilling career so far. I have recently started teacher mentoring as well and absolutely love it. I may transition soon into a different job in the education field so I can have a bigger impact on the field as a whole. All posts in this category involve education in one way or another. If you would like posts on the nitty-gritty of teaching – the day to day stuff – then check out by teaching blog: bravinteaching.
Engineering – My degree is in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. While in college, I was most interested in water and wastewater treatment and thought that I wanted to design those systems. When I graduated college, my first two jobs were in the field of Civil Engineering in the water department at two different engineering firms. The first was a very small firm and the second was an international firm. All posts in this category relate to my experiences and knowledge in engineering.
Finance – Finances and budgeting is something we all need to do and some of us struggle more than others. I am by no means an expert, but I do come from a budget-smart family and have picked up a lot of tricks along the way. I have read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and used to listed to his blog. I also currently use (and love) his budget app/site “everydollar”. The few posts in this category are mostly me figuring out finances and budgeting for myself. Maybe it will help you too.
Health – Like many people, I have gone through the struggle of trying to live a healthy life, including how to eat right and exercise right and sleep right. Posts in this category are my findings, my opinions, and things that I have personally tried in order to live healthy.
Inspired – When I write somewhat regularly, I will get inspired by random things to write about. Post in this category are such writings, not including poems or personal stories. Inspirations can come from books, other blog posts, writing prompts, tweets, podcasts, etc.
New Beginnings – Sometimes when I start new things I blog about them. Sometimes I don’t. Posts in this category are the ones where I did.
Personal – Posts in this category are random personal stories or self-discovery stories or just posts where I’m completely lost and need to rant about it.
Poetry – I enjoy writing poems and will occasionally publish them on here under this category.