Abridged by the Writer’s Hand,

the parchment becomes enhanced
with a series of marked-up script.
Once re-written, the words are now
fewer than the original. Adding cursive
words, little secrets form across
the papyrus. King Author himself couldn’t
write this well
on his royal parchment.
Words are replaced
with words – royalty
with novelty, numerous descriptions
with three details – groundwork
of the soul.

of the mark-ups,
the replacements,
the new literature. It’s too much.
Its original meaning is all
but lost – a new idea
has been introduced – innocent
in its being.

2 thoughts on “Abridged by the Writer’s Hand,”

  1. This reminds me of learning script and the joys of writing by hand. I really liked your structure and form here, it flowed really well. Makes me think of times when penmanship was as important as the thoughts behind the words.

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    1. This was an exercise we did in creative writing. We had to tear out a page on an encyclopedia (horrible, I know) and we could only use words found on that page with up to 5 additional words if needed. So, I incorporated words that I normally wouldn’t have used. I like the result 🙂
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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