Why We Need More Mothers at Work

I typically stay away from re-blogging, but I just had to share this article. So many people don’t realize just how hard working moms really are. They only see how many hours they spend in the office. I’ve been reading Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” and learning so much about the differences between being a female vs male in the work place and the struggles moms face. And also how to help. This article really highlights things that I’ve read and things that I haven’t read. I love this start up company that they talk about in the article too. My coworker, who is a mom, recently started working from home and I asked her about it the other day. She said that she is actually working more hours than when she was coming into the office. Our IT guy set her computer up with all the programs she needs to do her job and linked her to our shared files at the office. Since all her work stuff is right there at home, it’s really convenient for her to sit down and work on something as soon as it pops into her mind instead of waiting until going to the office to do it. Anyway, great article. Worth the read, for sure.

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