What to do with My Life??

I would think at 23, with a college degree and a job, I would have a good idea on what I want to do with the rest of my life. NOPE. All I know for sure is that I don’t like my current job and that I do not want to be a doctor or a veterinarian. Or a nurse.

My current job involves me sitting at a desk 90% of the time and on a computer 80% of the time. I have my Engineer Intern certification and I’m working under a Professional Engineer, which means I’m getting hours towards getting my Professional Engineering degree, but not with what I’m interested in. I work in a small Civil Engineering and Surveying firm, so we do all kinds of different projects and don’t specialize in anything. I am in charge of all the environmental permitting, which I don’t mind too much, and I’m the head of a few projects. I just finished putting together my first book of specifications for one of my projects, which was kind of interesting, but mostly boring.

Point is, I want to be outside more. And I want to be doing something interesting. I thought I wanted to pursue water and waste water treatment because I find it absolutely fascinating and I want to design them one day. My current plan is to find a job a water or waste water treatment plant to get a feel for how everything works, rather than just reading about it in a text book and working problems for imaginary situations (which I’ve done plenty of). Then maybe get a Master’s and a job at a firm that specializes in treatment plants or find a related job that doesn’t need a Master’s degree.

However, in addition to the voluntary GED tutoring, I recently started doing some paid private tutoring. I have enjoyed this more than I expected. I thought it would be a fun way to get some extra cash, but I never expected to enjoy it so much. I found that I love making lessons as well as working directly with my individual students.

I also recently discovered this thing called Earthships which is right up my ally of almost all my loves combined: renewable energy, recycling/reusing, home-grown food, reduced water use, AND helping people. Those five things sum up most of my passions. Maybe all of them. I love helping people, hence my volunteer work. I love renewable energy and if I had an interest in electricity, might have gone into that field. I try to reduce, reuse, & recycle as much as possible. I think home-grown food is great because it increases the plants in the area, reduces the amount of fuel used to transport food, and often tastes better. Being passionate about water and waste water treatment, I’m also passionate about reducing the amount of water used. Plus, since these things are built in many different places, it’s a great opportunity to travel, which I also love doing. Honestly, if I wasn’t with the person I think I want to spend the rest of my life with, I’d probably jump right into that. I think continuing with my engineering and water/waste water treatment experience and knowledge will help if and when I do pursue Earthships. The only real problem I see with that is trying to tutor and having a husband who has a steady job that doesn’t travel. Maybe it’s not the best idea, but it seems so perfect for me.

The point is, I’m quite lost with how to pursue and shape my future.

I’ve also looked into working for the USDA Forestry Service because that would include getting to work outside a lot and possible travel.

For now, I’m planning on moving to FL in June and looking for a job in my field or something similar. I put in an application for a waste water treatment plant, but I’m not extremely hopeful. I might even look into some tutoring or substitute teaching jobs. I feel like it would be easier if I knew what my ultimate goal was that I was aiming for. I guess for now, I’ll act as though I still plan on designing water and waste water treatment plants, but there are so many other fun opportunities out there like Earthship or teaching GED classes full time.

I’d love to hear [read] any advice, thoughts, observations, ideas, personal stories, etc, that you’d like to share. How/when did you decide on your career path? Have you struggled with deciding what you want to do in life? Do you have any advice on the matter?

4 thoughts on “What to do with My Life??”

  1. Hi, nice post! I can really relate to what you are writing here.
    I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with my life either, and I’m soon to be 28.
    So, you’re not alone. Follow your heart and your instincts!
    We’re never to old to pursue our passions and dreams.

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  2. One really important thing you’re doing is keeping yourself constantly occupied. Your final decision of what to do with your life is made of the smaller decisions of jobs you’re taking in the meantime. While it would be nice to have a solid answer to this big question maybe you could also see it as a more in the moment phenomenon. I agree with Amina, doing what you’re passionate about comes first.

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  3. I have met the people from Earthship who are also based in Tacloban. I am currently doing volunteerwork here for another organisation. I went through quarter life crisis in my career feeling lost and meaningless. I knew what I really wanted to do but never had enough guts to pursue it up until this year when I decided to fully devote my time to non-profit work. I have never been happier in my life. It does not pay well but there is something with what I am doing now that makes me wake up smiling and grateful and I would not trade it back for a high paying job in the big city. Take calculated risks and if you are not yet ready to do what you really want to, you can prepare for it for the meantime but do not think too much that you fall into paralysis. There is no pressure after all it is your life you should not feel the need to live up to others expectations.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. The idea of fully diving into non-profit work is a bit scary, but that’s mostly because I still have a desire to design water and wastewater treatment plants. Because I just think that if I tried hard enough, I could understand them well enough to help make some positive impacts in the way we treat our water. But, I’m ignoring the limited resources factor (money and land). You know, I think I will apply to the Earthship school. Or at least look into it more for now and maybe do it later. I just can’t imagine being so far away from my SO. Anyway, sorry for the rant, and thanks again for the comment. It has given me more to think about.


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